The Team

  • CreatoriousRex (Bret Kinsella)

    The son of an art teacher and brother of an opera singer, CreatoriousRex is the founder of and the co-founder of the Niftorian NFT project. He is best known for his work in AI and market research and his lore goes back to the pioneer days of web 1. Carpe Diem.

  • theKibster (Roger Kibbe)

    Wanderer, traveler, and re-inventor. Emerging tech and AI evangelist. Son of a photographer, Dad, making a mess in the kitchen, failed but oblivious comedian. A change of latitude helps my attitude.

  • xmstan (Michal Stanislawek)

    Technology geek and community leader driven by curiosity. With deep roots in developing for TV and media, currently dating with voice tech. Co-creator of one of the biggest global #voice communities. Experimenting and trying new things daily.

  • ScoJo (Joshua Scott)

    Wuz gonna be a children’s book illustrator until the web changed it all. Constantly curious creator killed Microsoft Clippy in the dotcom days with single wacom. Perennial pun punisher. Part-time half-court shooter and devil stick wizard.

  • David Conquest

    Writing on Crypto and NFTs. Also the local Reading music scene

  • Betsy Schrock

    Salty, spicy mama to two human babies and two fur babies. Habitual hat wearer. Big fan of the ocean. Eating toast keeps me calm. Meme artist extraordinaire.

  • Matthew Curry

    Building websites since Goecities were a thing. Failed DJ due to weak L.E.D. helmet budget. Currently training to win back wrestling belt from 8 yr old son. Will draw until my hand is a malformed claw.


  • Colin Goldberg

    Bronx-born artist Colin Goldberg’s work explores the relationship between technology and personal expression. His studio practice bridges multiple disciplines, notably painting, printmaking, photography, and digital media. He coined the term “Techspressionism” as the title for a solo exhibition in Southampton NY in 2011. It was first described as a movement in the 2014 WIRED article “If Picasso had a Macbook Pro”. The working definition of Techspressionism is “An artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.”. Goldberg is a 2013 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant recipient.

  • Matty Mo

    Matty Mo is a New Mexico-based artist and entrepreneur.

    He is the cofounder and CEO of Open3.

    He practices art as “The Most Famous Artist.”

  • Rick Gordon

    Rick Gordon is an expert on technology investing, business strategy, and early-stage venture development. He is a proven leader with more than 25 years of experience in providing organizations with strategic growth.

  • Skot Leach

    Artist, story teller, game maker, NFT enthusiast, Rally creator ($SKOT), creator of Able Black.

  • Giovanna Sun

    Dubwoman A.K.A Giovanna Sun is an artist, curator, and art-tech entrepreneur. Giovanna utilizes AI generative and glitch apps, open-source data, and hand-drawn illustrations and collages to create NFTs. Sold more than 1,000 NFTs in 2021.

  • Turhan Troy Caylak

    Turhan Troy Caylak is a SAG Award-nominated actor from the HBO hit show Barry. Aside from being in front of the camera on a litany of major TV and film productions, Turhan also writes and produces his own films in Los Angeles and abroad.

  • Wolf Fleetwood Ross

    Started in Film and TV somehow found my way to Web 3. Empowering artists has always been at the forefront. Cofounder of recently Oscar Winning studio, Many Enterprises, Strategy and Advising for Future Corp, Co Founder of CatBlox Studios.

  • Ilya Gelfenbeyn

    CEO at Inworld AI, Founder at API.AI/Google Dialogflow