Niftorian Accelerator

NFT projects create a tremendous opportunity for artists. The technology can transform both the art and economics of creative work. However, NFTs also come with complexity that few artists have encountered previously. The Niftorian NFT Artist Accelerator was developed to help artists fill the gaps in their knowledge and connections that are critical to successful launches. We recognize that the NFT artist faces similar challenges to tech startup entrepreneurs. NFT projects share a lot of common elements with startup companies. So, we borrowed a proven model from tech startups and modified it to help artists launch successful NFT projects.

The program begins with 7-8 weeks of education, collaboration, and mentoring. It is followed by a demo day where the artist pitches their concept to collectors, peers, and NFT industry professionals. This enables them to test their ideas, gain pre-mint feedback, and potentially enlist early collectors, investors, and collaborators that can help with their project success.

The accelerator is primarily for artists and we expect that 80% or more will be artists. However, we also recognize that creators can come from anywhere and some projects may use this process to recruit top-flight artists. So, we make space for a couple of non-artists in the program as well. If you have an idea and are an artist or aspiring creator and would like to help getting started, this might be the perfect program for you. There is no obligation associated with applying.

  • 1 Mentoring and Education
  • 2 Make Connections
  • 3 Pitch at demo day
  • 4 No strings attached
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