Niftorians are a community of artists and collectors making NFT creation and collecting a team sport.

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Niftorian is an artist-centric and collector-friendly NFT project.

Our mission: build the NFT project that supports bringing 1,000 NFT artists to the blockchain. To do this, we will provide artists with the resources, events, education, and connections to help them leverage new forms of monetization and community-building while also providing collectors an inside track on identifying the best new NFT artists. The Niftorian project will also break down the barriers between artists and collectors by providing a community and in-person and virtual events where they can interact, learn from each other, and collaborate.

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NFT Accelerator – first program for artists and creators modeled after startup accelerators. Learn, develop your idea during mentoring sessions and classes. Pitch it to collectors and investors during demo day. First cohort starting Jan 2022. Apply on the Accelerator page.
NFT Artist Con – the First NFT Con dedicated to helping artists leverage NFTs to build a bigger audience, sell their work, and connect directly with collectors.
NFT 100 Artist Show – an NFT art show of 100 emerging artists (Discover the next Beeple or Pak)
A Web3 3-D space for artists and collectors. It will be metamazing!


You may think of owls as solitary creatures, but it is not always so. Once per year, every year since the beginning of the world as we know it, all the owls make a journey under the cover of darkness, with Artemis as their guide. From every corner of the world, they travel—through moonlit skies, through torrential rains, through snow, through sleet, and, even, through time and space. Their flight may take days or weeks, but all the owls make the journey, and there is not a night they cease their travels until they reach their destination.

Why do they embark upon this grand voyage? Join our Discord to find out . . .

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Reveal Founder’s Collection Mint Pass NFTs Artists

Announce NFT ArtistCon

Announce NFT 100 Artist Show

Founder’s Collection Mint Pass NFTs Giveaways and White List

Announce and kick off NFT Accelerator (0% Mint)

Premint for Founder’s Collection Mint Pass NFT Holders and Whitelist

Public Mint

ArtistCon Conference – 20% Mint

Merchandise Store Opens – 50% Mint

100 Artist Show – 80% Mint

Web3 3D Space for Artists and Collectors – 100% Mint

C'mon, you know you want to


  • Currently planned for Spring 2022

  • Ethereum. We will list the project on OpenSea.

  • We will announce that closer to the mint date.

  • We will announce that closer to the mint date.

  • Yes. We plan to provide the option to mint from the contract or from the website.

  • Yes, those owning a Founder’s Collection Mint Pass will be eligible

  • Enable early supporters of the project to be assured of minting an NFT and avoid higher gas fees at the time of the public mint. Also, it provides a way to promote the talent of more artists, each of whom is creating unique Founder’s Collection Mint Pass NFTs.

  • Get a Founder’s Collection Mint Pass NFT on OpenSea

  • On OpenSea