We asked 14 artists to create an owl in their style. What they made blew us away. A range of styles. Powerful imagery. The Founders Collection goes beyond a mint pass and represents a set of collectibles in their own right.
About the artist

I once was a zombie.

Not technically, but close. I was cognitively impaired, groaned a lot, had no short-term memory, and shuffled around in a half-awake trance. I was still human, kinda, but an undiagnosed neuropathy (nerve damage) in my feet was robbing me of deep sleep, turning me into a “zombiefied” version of myself. As we searched for answers, I started painting again.

That’s when the Laser Cats were born.

I started painting them for two reasons. The first was to infuse levity into my chaotic world. The second was to alleviate the stabbing pain in my feet. Any pressure on them helped, so I developed a standing practice of walking (err stomping!) around large surfaces, flicking, pouring, and spraying paint onto them. I chop them into mini-collages and then incorporate digital into the mix, layering them into my mixed-media art sandwich. It’s this hybrid marriage of mark-making skills, along with my unique form of art therapy, that interests me most about this process. The themes I am currently exploring in my work include levity in chaos, empowerment, the augmentation of the organic, and that juicy web 3-point Oh.

In case you are wondering, we solved the zombie riddle. My neuropathy is under control and I am human again for the first time in years. 💯

ScoJo, (aka Joshua Scott), is an award-winning Illustrator, Designer, Animator, Creative Director and Full-Contact Under-Water Basket Weaver. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.