We asked 14 artists to create an owl in their style. What they made blew us away. A range of styles. Powerful imagery. The Founders Collection goes beyond a mint pass and represents a set of collectibles in their own right.
About the artist

JK5, or to some, Joseph Ari Aloi is a satellite orbiting cultural discourse, mythology, and symbolism to create a visual vernacular for both the perfunctory and the profound. The layers of meaning from spiritual, to philosophical, to poetic, to pop, build bridges that are fluid enough to be inclusive and complex enough to leave you wondering and wanting more.

JK5’s process is wildly organic and associative. His level of attention to artistry showcases a commitment to an ever evolving range of styles and a constant nurturing of distinct writing and communication systems. It is this approach and the multiple meta meanings that unfold that have touched the heads and hearts of countless cultures and subcultures. JK5 has joined forces and created custom projects with Nike, Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market,Zeiss, Topps Project 2020 and Project 70, Kidrobot, and Wieden + Kennedy, to name a few. His work has been exhibited through Deitch Projects, Alife NYC, and other galleries worldwide.