Kevin Pederson

Kevin is a member of the Niftorian NFT Accelerator Cohort #1
About the artist

Kevin (Kipper) Pederson is a seasoned entrepreneur and 2017 Ernst & Young Canada Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (Pacific Region) for his efforts with Vessel Packaging Inc.

His passion and expertise are in new company startups with a focus on identifying emerging and/or profitable long-term trends in any market, but in particular the food & beverage packaging industry. Having exited two companies in recent years (Vessel 2022) he knows what is required to take an idea and a business plan through to execution and exit.

Recognizing the importance of smart contracts and what they can do for business long-term, he has shifted focus to all things Web3 and NFTs with Smart Goose Ventures and building a team and online community around the idea of being better together.

When he’s not immersed in business, he enjoys spending time with his young family, helping other startups, competitive amateur golf, craft beer, ice cream, NFTs and investing in other private companies and the public markets.


The Smart Goose NFT project is a PFP generative art collection made up of 6,006 tokens built on the ethereum blockchain and will be released in 3 phases of 2,002 NFT’s.