Eloise Robbertze

Eloise is a member of the Niftorian NFT Accelerator Cohort #1
About the artist

Eloise is an expressionist seascape photographer and digital artist living in Mauritius. “My art is about 3 things: connection, regeneration and colour.”

Since receiving her first camera at the age of 9, her photography has evolved to become expressionist and abstract. She is passionate about protecting coral reefs and showcasing the beauty of the oceans – she tells the stories of the inhabitants of these reefs through bold images and symbolism.

In 2019 she won “Best Contemporary Fine Art Photographer” in the MEA Business Awards.

She has exhibited in South Africa, Malta, and Mauritius and most recently, her NFT’s have been displayed at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami (US) and The Most Famous Artist group art show in Portland (US).

During 2020 she curated 2 exhibitions of local artists. Called Art MoZil (meaning art of our island), these were traveling exhibitions with the aim of bringing art to the people.

With a deep desire to advance her artistic skills, and with the advent of Web3, Eloise is excited to embrace the NFT space as an enhancement to her art practice.


Purly Shurly’s goal is to restore dead coral reefs and provide homes for the ocean’s homeless.

Reefs: – provide half a billion people with food and income – provide shelter to a quarter of marine species – protect cities and communities from the impact of storms, erosion and flooding.

But our reefs are in mortal danger due to pollution and climate change. These issues are personified by Senka, the nemesis of Purly Shurly, who rises up and cloaks the reefs in dark shadows, thereby blocking the sunlight and causing their death.

Support the cause and be part of the regeneration! 60% of profits raised will be donated to coral restoration.