David Cohen

David is a member of the Niftorian NFT Accelerator Cohort #2
About the artist

I’m David Cohen, but call me Doodles, or Doodleslice. I spread positivity, love, and happiness through my creations.

Based in Atlanta, been creating art for 30+ years; from mural-sized abstractions to postcard-sized cartoons. I’m known for animal doodles and poems like in my coloring book, Color Me With Hugs, and my mascot/logo – a bunny wearing a “Hug At Me Bro” t-shirt, but I also paint, make mobiles, code art, animate, 3D print, and more. My MFA is from Maryland Institute College of Art where I was lucky to study under artists like Grace Hartigan, Archie Rand, and Sal Scarpitta.